About Us

The Tahoma Clinic was founded by Jonathan V. Wright, MD in 1973.  The Tahoma Clinic emphasizes the use of natural substances and natural energies for the prevention and treatment of health problems not requiring surgical intervention.  The Tahoma Clinic has offices in Tukwila (main campus), Redmond and our location – North Seattle.

The natural therapies at the Tahoma Clinic are based on scientific studies compiled by Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby.  Drs. Wright and Gaby have assembled an extensive library consisting of over 40,000 published articles, continually built upon by the Tahoma Clinic Staff Physicians.  All of our doctors undergo extensive training with Dr. Wright before beginning practice at our clinic.

Since the early 1980’s, Dr. Wright has been instrumental in pioneering bio-identical hormone treatments (BHRT) for men and women.  Our North Seattle Clinic Manager, Dr. Wendy Ellis, joins Dr. Wright at the forefront of this science having lectured nationally to train other physicians in BHRT.  Hormone testing and balancing is often part of our whole-health approach, safely and effectively enhancing our patients’ quality of life.


A Comprehensive Approach to Your Health

Our approach includes a personalized total-health evaluation to assess digestive health, metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, allergies and toxicities. Guided by the medical literature and our 40 years of experience, we have learned to focus on root causes of chronic conditions.  We then employ natural modalities to address those root causes and support healing.

The manner in which we treat our patients is perhaps even more important that the types of therapies we use.  First, we listen.  (What a concept!)  We treat each person as a unique individual.  We do not cite aging as an excuse for not feeling well.  We do not brush people aside by telling them “it’s all in your head.”  At the Tahoma Clinic, we dedicate a large portion of the visit to education.  We empower patients to partner with us and take an active role in their health.


What to Expect When you Visit the Tahoma Clinic

clinic waiting roomOur first appointment involves a one hour consultation to discuss your health from head to toe. We ask that you bring any lab tests you may have and any medications or supplements you may be taking.  We address digestive health, nutritional deficiencies, musculoskeletal complaints or bone loss, hormonal issues, autoimmunity, fatigue, memory, skin conditions, hair loss, viral illnesses… we do not leave any stone unturned. The body is a symphony, with all parts ultimately related.



A testimonial from our patient:

After years of struggle with hormonal issues and numerous traditional doctors, my brother recommended the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle. Traveling from Western Montana, I was nearing the end of my rope in hope of results. After reading Dr. Ellis’s profile, I was extremely hopeful she would be just who I needed. Dr. Ellis’s team extensively covered my medical history and condition at that time. Her staff is wonderful and provided me the highest level of care. I felt they did an excellent job piecing together every aspect and moving forward after careful analysis.

In just one short month, I saw more results from Dr. Ellis’s natural supplement regimen and felt better than I had in years from tradition medicine. The Clinic and Dr. Ellis are there if I ever have any questions or concerns. I have finally found a doctor that is sincerely invested in my wellbeing and success.”


Montana, USA