Common Sense Perspectives on Testosterone

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, testosterone has had a tumultuous past couple of months.

In addition to Dr. Abraham Morgentaler’s commentary (he’s the nation’s top testosterone researcher in this author’s opinion), here are a few other excellent contributions worth reading:

Dr. Jennifer Landa’s article in the Huffington Post

Dr. Pamela Smith’s essay, complete with 50 references to support the safe use of testosterone in cardiovascular disease if prescribed correctly


Morgentaler A, Kacker R. Andrology: Testosterone and cardiovascular risk – deciphering the statistics. Nat Rev Urol. 2014. Feb 18.

Dr. Michael Kaplan is a naturopathic physician specializing in digestive health and men’s health.  He divides his time between his practice at the Tahoma Clinic North Seattle and Meridian Valley Lab, where he where he is sought after to assist other physicians with their most complex cases.