Dr. Wendy Ellis

wendy head shotDr. Wendy L. Ellis received her degree in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2002 after graduating from the University of New England with a degree in medical biology.

Prior to joining Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Ellis practiced medicine in Nicaragua, serving as primary care physician for a rural community on the island of Ometepe and focusing on women’s health, pediatrics, and the treatment of parasites.  Dr. Ellis also practiced medicine in Port au Prince, Haiti at Mother Theresa’s Missions of Charity.  She maintained a private general medicine practice in Portland, Oregon before joining Tahoma Clinic in 2005. She is the founder and director of the Tahoma Clinic North Seattle.

Dr. Ellis practices general medicine with an emphasis on endocrine disorders (sex hormones for men and women, thyroid and adrenal disorders) auto-immunity, fertility, gastrointestinal disorders, and environmental medicine, including mycotoxicity.

Education and lecturing is an important component of practice for Dr. Ellis.  She has been a frequent lecturer for the Bio-Identical Hormone society, and has lectured for the American Academy for Alternative Medicine (ACAM), California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) and hosts webinars for Key Compounding Pharmacy quarterly. She is also a frequent host of Jonathan Wright, MD’s   “Green Medicine” radio show on KVI AM570 in Seattle.

Dr. Ellis summarizes her medical approach as follows:

“It is important for me to have good communication with my patients. Each case is very individualized and requires a different approach to optimal health. It is my responsibility, as a physician, to educate my patients, understand their obstacles to health, and work with them to find the most appropriate treatment methods through lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, and appropriate supplementation.”

Testimonials for Dr. Wendy Ellis:

After years of struggle with hormonal issues and numerous traditional doctors, my brother recommended the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle. Traveling from Western Montana, I was nearing the end of my rope in hope of results. After reading Dr. Ellis’s profile, I was extremely hopeful she would be just who I needed. Dr. Ellis’s team extensively covered my medical history and condition at that time. Her staff is wonderful and provided me the highest level of care. I felt they did an excellent job piecing together every aspect and moving forward after careful analysis.

In just one short month, I saw more results from Dr. Ellis’s natural supplement regimen and felt better than I had in years from tradition medicine. The Clinic and Dr. Ellis are there if I ever have any questions or concerns. I have finally found a doctor that is sincerely invested in my wellbeing and success.”


Montana, USA

“The traditional medical community was completely baffled by my symptoms and how to correctly treat them. With our phone consultations and test you were able to pinpointed my adrenal fatigue and quite literally give me my life back… I have never experienced anything like this with its mental, emotional and physical effects. Your grasp of my symptoms and the treatment you provided restored me to an even (better) self.

My family Dr. was thrilled and astounded at the difference she saw in me from my first visit in June to my follow up visit in Sept. I am back to playing racquetball, tennis and hiking, something a few short months ago I didn’t think was possible.

My family, friends and I simply can’t thank you enough for your kind and caring approach as well as your knowledge and intuitive understanding of my adrenal fatigue condition.

Your thankful and appreciative patient,”

Valencia, CA

The advice Dr. Wright gave when I called his radio show on January 15, 2011 changed my life.  I was miserable, thought perhaps I was dying, and now feel hopeful with a much appreciated, renewed sense of well-being and health.  Thank you.

I asked what you could advise on pernicious anemia besides B12 injections.  Your show was ending, but thankfully you had time to advise that I get tested for non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  I immediately called the Tahoma Clinic North and saw Dr. Wendy Ellis the next Wednesday.  The Enterolab test she ordered showed that my intestinal anti-gliadin IgA antibody was elevated, indicating gluten intolerance. Under Dr. Ellis’ guidance, I have regular B12 injections and am on a gluten-free diet.

After more than 2 years of specialists who could not help me (endocrinologists, hematologists, cardiologists, etc.), I am no longer light-headed every day with constant nausea and body tremors.”

Seattle, WA

Dr. Ellis literally changed my life! I had been suffering from fatigue, anemia, recurrent colds and mono for over 3 years when I saw her, not to mention the previous spells of these throughout my life since I was in my teens. I had consulted many physicians and practitioners about these issues and no one could figure out why my health was so sporadic/fragile. I almost started believing it was all n in my head and that I had to “manage my stress better” or I was simply tired “due to being a mother or a student, etc.” Finally, after 3 years straight of chronic debilitating fatigue, 5 doctors and trying many alternative treatments Dr. Allan Gaby referred me to Dr. Ellis. By this point I had researched my issues, was well versed in the causes of fatigue and was ready to “fight” for my case and that in fact something was physiologically wrong. Dr. Ellis was the first one in years to listen to me and hear what I was saying! I walked out with a prescription, several labs to do and an action plan that finally made sense. I started my medication before we got the lab results back – that is how confident about my diagnosis she was. Within days I started feeling better, my labs came back and she was right on ALL items; I am adrenal insufficient and gluten intolerant. I have been under her care for about 5 months now and feel great, no fantastic (as in pre-baby fantastic), am exercising several times a week with intensity, can go out at night past 8pm without being exhausted the next day and haven’t been sick since starting with her. I cannot thank Dr. Ellis and the Tahoma clinic enough for helping me become myself again!!”




National College of Naturopathic Medicine – Portland, Oregon.
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
Candidate for certificate in midwifery Sept 1997 – July 2002

University of New England – Biddeford, Maine
BS Medical Biology Jan 1993 – Dec 1996


Tahoma Clinic North Seattle – January 2011 – current

Physician, Managing Director

Tahoma Clinic – Renton, Washington – April 2005 – December 2010.

Licensed naturopathic physician

Primary care medicine with an emphasis on Women’s health, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, multiple sclerosis, autoimmunity, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrinology, including thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, mood disturbance. Trained under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD, pioneer in bio-identical hormone therapy.

Meridian Valley Laboratory – Renton, Washington – October 2005 – current

Physician consultant

Physician to physician consultations for education and interpretation of GC/mass spec steroid hormone testing.

Oak Street Naturopathic,LLC, Portland, Oregon Sept 2003 – Apr 2004

Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Owner and director of family practice clinic with a focus in family medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, fasting and nutrition. Sole proprietor in this clinic, which opened September 15, 2003. Job requires consultation, insurance billing, appointment scheduling.

Clinica Casa Santiago, San Lazaro, Nicaragua Jan 2003 – Aug 2003

Primary care physician

Small clinic offering consultations and treatments to a community of 35,000. General family practice clinic with a focus in tropical disease, pediatrics, nutrition and minor surgery. Consultations and treatment of patients, seeking international aid for donations and medications, HIV and STD testing and education, running necessary in house laboratory exams, and home visits.

Farmacia Comunal, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Apr 2003 – Jun 2003

Primary care physician

Patient based research study of cervical cancer. Consultation, PAP exams, colposcopy, and treatment of cervical lesions. Patient and partner education concurrently.

St. Damian’s Hospital, Port au Prince, Haití  – March 2003

Primary care physician

Mobile hospital serving St. Damien’s Children’s Hospital, the slums of Port au Prince, and Mother Teresa’s Homes for the Destitute. Consultations, organizing tuberculosis and HIV testing and treatment programs, wound care, triage and emergency medicine. Inpatient and outpatient clinics offering care to all in need. Small traveling clinic with portable laboratory including X-ray, ISTAT for blood chemistries, EKG, Tuberculosis sputum testing, and rapid HIV testing.

Natural Health Centers East, Portland, Oregon –  Sept 2000 – Jul 2002

Student Physician

Basic primary care setting with a focus in family practice medicine. Intern working independently under the direction of attending physicians. Focus on women’s health, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, minor surgery, dermatology, chronic disease, pediatrics.

Outside In, Portland, Oregon – Jan 2001 – Jul 2002

Student Physician

Outreach Clinic serving homeless youth and indigent population, immigrants and minority groups, as well as patients without resources or insurance to cover medical expenses. Basic primary care clinic with a large focus on sexually transmitted disease testing, treatment and prevention.

Port Maria Hospital, Port Maria, Jamaica – December 2001

Student physician

Assisted in childbirth, performed prenatal and postnatal visits for mothers and newborns, served as a basic primary care student physician within other wards of the hospital as needed. (Only two physicians served the 150+ inpatient unit).

Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine Sept 1995 – Dec 1996

Student Intern

Patient transfers, pre and post surgical care and supervision. Observational intern in surgical procedures, specimen and equipment transfer.

Univ. of New England Medical School, Biddeford, Maine Oct 1995 – Dec 1996

Research Assistant

“Calcium channel inhibitors and the effects of acute spinal cord injury.”

Director of study, Dr. Bruce Trembly, MD / Neurosurgeon

Performed spinal laminectomies, tested recovery rate of subjects (sprague-dolly rats), based on numerous physical exams and other criteria, worked independently under the supervising physician.


Craniosacral Therapy – Nancy Sullivan, Instructor – Feb 2001 – Apr 2001

Completed courses I & II in this therapeutic modality, based on the Upshur Institute program of study

Initiated an HIV testing and education program for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) orphanage in Nicaragua. June 2003

Created a medical records spreadsheet program for patient files and inventory spreadsheets for the NPH clinic, Nicaragua. Jul y2003

Training in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy – twelve week rotation/internship with Dr. Johnathan V. Wright, M.D., and Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe, ND on the use and administration of bio-identical hormone replacement. Apr 2005 – Jun 2006

Physician Panel – Q&A – Bio-Identical Hormone Society, Seattle, WA. January 2006

Board of Directors, secretary, Natural Doctors International. www.ndimed.org. Aug 2006 – Aug. 2008

This non profit organization provides free medical care and medications for patients in Ometepe, Nicaragua. As a board member, we work to raise awareness of problems with the global health system, and raise money to provide the clinic with supplies and physicians.

DAN! Defeat Autism Now – practitioner. Clinical training and applications for the treatment of Autism. October 2006

International Hormone Society – Conference speaker, West Hollywood, CA. “Estrogen and progesterone metabolism”, “Practical application: Hormone therapy in clinical practice”, “2/16 Estrogen Ratio and Cancer Risk, Enzyme activity in Steroid Metabolism”, “Steroid hormone evaluation: saliva, serum, urine”. February 2007

International Hormone Society – Conference speaker, San Diego, CA. “Practical Applications of Hormone Replacement Therapy”, “Special Considerations for Uterine Fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and other Reproductive Disorders”. “Hormone Therapy in Clinical Practice”. September 2007

International Hormone Society – Conference speaker, Las Vegas, NV.  “Practical Applications for Female Hormone Replacement”, “Common problems in Hormone Replacement”. February 2008.

MS Swank Society: “Ask the doctor” practitioner for online website for patients regarding MS and the Roy S, MD program for MS. www.swankmsdiet.org – May 2008 – present.

Amarillo Health Initiative – Conference Speaker, Amarillo, TX.

“Pediatric Health: ADD, alternate vaccination schedule for children, keeping children healthy in a toxic environment, and common nutrient deficiencies in children”.

“Women’s Health: An Introduction to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement”. – October 2008.

International Hormone Society – Conference Speaker, San Diego, CA. “Practical Applications for Female Hormone Replacement”, “Common Problems in Hormone Replacement”, “Autoimmunity and Hormone Interaction”.  – October 2008.

International Hormone Society – Conference Speaker, Las Vegas, NV. “Practical Applications for Female Hormone Replacement”, “Common Problems in Hormone Replacement”, “Environmental Factors in Endocrine Metabolism”. – February 2009


Webcast – Chronic Inflammation and Hormones – Teleseminar and Interview of Dr Ellis by Jini Patel, July 2009.

International Hormone Society – Conference Speaker, San Diego, CA.  “Practical Applications for female HRT”, “Case study review”, “Common problems in BHRT”.  October 2009

KVI Radioshow – “Green Medicine” one hour radioshow, guest speaker, Autoimmunity and MS.  Dec. 2009

Bio-Identical Hormone Society – Seattle, WA. Seminar Coordinator and lecturer, “Steroid hormone introduction and safety”, “Practical applications for female HRT”, “Case presentations, uses of  BHRT”, “Urine testing vs. saliva and serum testing”.  April 2010

California Naturopathic Doctors Association – Berkeley, CA.  “Neuroendocrinology: The convoluted web of hormones, neurotransmitters and the resulting mood disorders,”  Conference speaker, March 2011.

Webinar – “Hormone Balance for Men and Women After Age 35.”  With Jini Patel Thompson, July 2011


Urine Testing for evaluation of steroid hormones.  Townshend Letter publication – January 2008. http://www.townsendletter.com/Jan2008/urinary0108.htm

Handbook for the Interpretation and Evaluation of the 24 hour Comprehensive Hormone Profile. Gas chromatography / mass spectrometry method of evaluation for steroid hormone testing. This handbook will be provided to physicians using this method of steroid hormone analysis, and provides step by step guidelines for the interpretation of this data. February 2011.