Is Getting Older a Diagnosis?

Many patients are told the symptoms they experience are in response to getting older, and we need to embrace the fact that we’re just not 25 any longer.

I don’t buy this answer.

Yes, our bodies change as we age. We might not be able to eat what we want without weight gain, we may need more sleep, we might not be able to ski moguls like we used to, or we might injure ourselves more easily if we don’t stretch appropriately before exercise. This doesn’t mean we should settle for feeling poorly because we are getting older.

Getting older is a gift. However, our health is taking a hit with all of the environmental toxins we are exposed to every day, genetic modification of foods, increase in autoimmune disease and cancers and our ever increasing work loads and stress levels. But should we just accept fatigue, depression, sleep difficulty or just not feeling like we used to? No!

What can we do to combat aging?

I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast recently on just this subject! I invite you to listen!