Medication for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Medication for bleeding hemorrhoids is determined by the cause of the hemorrhoid which may be different in different individuals. Bleeding hemorrhoids occur mostly while passing stool and are extremely painful in nature due to which seeking medication to control their occurrence becomes a necessity.

Since the causes of the hemorrhoids can be divided into being primary or secondary in nature, the medication for bleeding hemorrhoids also varies as per the category of its cause. Therefore, it is important for an individual seeking medication that while the primary causes for bleeding hemorrhoids are ill health, constipation, stress on the rectal veins and obesity, the secondary causes are as stressful lifestyle with irregular sleep and meal timings, long working hours and lack of physical exercise.

In such a situation, it is popularly believed that there is no particular medication but bleeding hemorrhoids can be effectively controlled by a combination of various types of treatments.

As far as medication for bleeding hemorrhoids is concerned, the choices in terms of treatment are self healing, home remedies, natural healing and surgical treatment. While self healing is opted for by individuals who possess a strong immune system which is capable of healing the body without any external help, home remedies involve taking a warm sitz bath and modifying one’s diet to include foodstuffs which are rich in fiber.

Medication through natural remedies includes the intake of natural herbs like witch hazel neem, aloe vera and extracts of the Japanese Pagoda tree while the most effective medication for bleeding hemorrhoids which provided instant relief to the patient is the surgical option which features a number of different invasive techniques.

Some of the most commonly used surgical procedures in this regard are the application of rubber band ligation, electric shock treatment which is also known as electro coagulation and enema in which the rectum of the patient is internally cleaned by being flushed with water.

Medication for bleeding hemorrhoids can also acquire the form of toners, protectants, vasoconstrictors, local anesthetics and analgesics. Toners consist of over-the-counter and non prescription medications like zinc oxide, calamine and witch hazel, and are also referred to as astringents because they bring about the coagulation and clumping of proteins in the lining of the anal canal.

Similarly protectants include cocoa butter, cod liver oil, glycerin, lanolin and starch, vasoconstrictors include ephedrine sulfate, local anesthetics are meant to numb the area and analgesics work by suppressing the sensation of pain.