The 10 Most Effective Scar Treatment Methods

Scars are not only unsightly; they can affect your confidence and self-esteem.

They can appear on any part of your body, and can be caused by acne, surgery, accidents, burns, scrapes and a host of other reasons.

Many people who have scars feel that they are somehow being judged and may feel that others only notice the scars, not the whole person.

Luckily, there are a variety of natural methods for treating scars that you can find in any health store, drug store or even grocery store. Online retailers also carry these items.

Many look for natural methods, as creams and lotions can be expensive and can actually contain harmful ingredients. The following are ten of the most popular natural methods of scar treatments that are available today.

Rosehip Seed Oil

This has been proven to be most effective on scars that are the result of acne. For best results, massage the oil into the affected skin for 15 minutes, twice a day. You’ll also find this ingredient in various cosmetics, as it has a soothing quality.

Tea Tree Oil

This is effective for any type of scar, and can be used for first aid purposes as well. Use tea tree oil as you would Aloe Vera gel. Rub it on your scar twice a day. Some people claim that scars have all but disappeared in a matter of just a few days.

Vitamin C

This is helpful with blood clotting, which is necessary when it comes to healing. You will find this natural vitamin in many cream forms. You can also increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits.


Make a paste out of the cucumber and rub it on your scar. Leave it on overnight, and repeat for several nights in a row. Your scar will become less visible within just a few days.


Rub honey directly on your scar and leave it overnight. In order to get rid of your scar completely, repeat this process at least three times a week, over a period of one to three months.

Green Tea

Dip a cotton swab into the green tea and rub it on your scar. Repeat the process on a frequent basis. Your scars will start to fade within a couple of weeks.


This is mainly a preventive measure. Cut a garlic clove in half, and rub it on your pimples to avoid future outbreaks and scarring.

Olive Oil:

Rub extra virgin olive oil on your scar several times per day and your scar will disappear within just a few days.

Lemon Juice

This acts as regular bleach, and is quite effective at healing any type of scar tissue. Be careful though: the citric acid contained in lemon juice can actually harm your skin with prolonged use.

Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amalaki, this is an effective scar treatment remedy, and can actually help prevent scars from forming in the future.